HIA: New home sales climbing since September 2012

From the HIA Media Centre:

"The HIA New Home Sales report, a survey of Australia's largest volume builders, showed that total
seasonally adjusted new home sales increased by 3.4 per cent in June 2013, representing a fourth consecutive rise. 

Detached house sales increased by 7.3 per cent at the end of last financial year, but multi-unit sales dropped by 17.5 per cent.

In the month of June 2013 detached house sales increased by 19.7 per cent in Victoria, 7.1 per cent in Western Australia, 3.9 per cent in New South Wales, and 0.5 per cent in South Australia. Detached house sales fell by 11.0 per cent in Queensland."

A bit odd to see such a huge increase in Victoria, although monthly figures can be volatile.

Still a way to go for this series to represent what might be considered to be 'strength' in the new sales market, but the uptrend is encouraging.

Source: HIA

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