Productivity crisis... the Blogging sector.

All been a bit light on blogs this week, I'm aware.

In my defence, I'm on a tropical south-east Asian island with a large coral reef, so there are better things to be doing than droning on about share prices and the like.

Fear not, though, as I'm flying out tomorrow and will return afresh with a barrage of new content in due course.

Aussie dollar has staged something of a fightback while I've been out snorkelling, helped no doubt by the better-than expected jobs data - back above 96 cents, though we'll see for how long.

Better day ahead for stocks (overdue!) and...surprise, surprise, property values are 'moving up' again.

I'm not sure they were ever going down really...just the index correcting itself after overcooking the gains in Q1. Sydney and Perth markets looking very strong indeed at the moment.

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