England steamrollered by a vegetarian

Cracking first day of the Ashes cricket series in England. 

After a solid start, England were blown away by chief destroyer Peter Siddle (5-50) for a paltry 215.

In the macho world of men's cricket, where alpha males like to talk about how much steak they eat, us poor veggies are often left to 'feast' on rock melon and Lamington fingers during the interval.

So it was good to see 'Sids' on top form: veggies will rule the world one day, mark my words...

Just like in 2005, though, it was all action (perhaps the influence of a proliferation of short-form cricket) and England hit back with 4 wickets of their own before the close. 

The first Test will be all over in 3 days at this rate, but it stands to be a great series. Now, we just need to see some sunshine in Nottingham...


Labour Force data today - we're looking to see if the economy can add any jobs or whether the unemployment rate will tick up a notch.

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