UK growth confirmed at 0.6% in Q2

As forecast for Q2. From the Pommie Guardian:

"Britain's recovery picked up pace in the second quarter, official figures have confirmed, with GDP expanding by 0.6%.

The 0.6% quarterly rate of growth was twice the pace of the first three months of 2013, and exactly as predicted by economists, after signs of a pickup in retail sales and strong readings in business surveys.
"The economy is coming out of the shadows, with a doubling in its quarterly growth rate from 0.3% in Q1 to 0.6% in Q2. The recovery is not quite on dry land yet, but at least it is a step in the right direction," said David Brown, of consultancy New View Economics."
The result follows growth of 0.3% in Q1, while house prices in the south-east of the UK also look set for lift-off recording new highs recently. 

An economic recovery is underway in Britain, which will raise questions as to whether the Bank of England needs to fire up further monetary stimulus next month.

Meanwhile, surveys from Germany show that growth is expected there too

Forget the doom and gloom - the storm clouds are lifting for 2014.


RP Data records property price growth yet again for Australia, making it 7 consecutive weeks of gains.

Sydney prices have already obliterated previous peaks and are up by 9.2% since their trough.

The worst performing capital city is easily Adelaide. In fact, Adelaide is the only capital city to see prices fall in 2013. 

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