545,000 homes, 1.3 more 2031

Nothing we didn't already know of course, but an interesting read here at Sydney Morning Herald:

"It's on for young and old in the Sydney of the future, as baby boomers and first-time buyers drive demand for urban centres that have it all.

First-home buyers and last-home buyers have something in common: they both want the buzz of living in all-you-can-get urban centres.

This unlikely pairing is changing the face of Sydney, with high-density villages cropping up in response to this demand.
The state government has released a draft Metropolitan Plan for Sydney for 2031 and it is clear more high-density urban centres will be needed.

According to state government forecasts, 1.3 million more people will live in Sydney by 2031, and they will require 545,000 new homes and 625,000 new jobs.
Hazzard says it is good that 80 per cent of new dwellings are apartments, many with retail and commercial precincts. ''People want infrastructure, they want community space, they want retail and health and education all nearby,'' he says.
It is likely that new federal government incentives to downsize - starting next month - will increase interest among older Australians in such centres."
To me this suggests, as I flagged many moons ago and as other did well before me, the types of property which could represent outstanding investments are those close to urban centres, with great infrastructure and transport - and particularly those that are of the medium-density type.


Total and utter traffic chaos in Sydney again this weekend due to the Vivid Festival.

Did I mention the population of the city increasing by a few million people over the next few decades? I think I did...

Own properties located near to public transport links!
Long weekend in Australia, so although SPI futures markets were up, we'll have another trade in the US to digest before our markets open.

Dow June 2013 futures are up more than 170 points, but after Friday's stonking trade, let's wait and see how Monday pans out.
Camping at Caimeo Beach tonight along the north coast of East Timor. Full internet and mobile phone access from Timor Telecom...impressed!

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