Spillard (again) ends in Kevenge

So, Labor has another leadership spill (again) and Australia will get another Prime Minister (again).

Well, kind of, we'll be reverting back to Kevin Rudd (again), for now at least.

It's all a bit deja vu.

This is only a politics blog to the extent that politics impacts the economy, and I think that, regardless of whether the Coalition or Labor get voted back in in the coming few months, it will be a challenging period ahead.

I doubt there will be many immediate game-changing shifts in economic policy. 

Both parties have pledged to steer clear of reform on the negative gearing tax rules, for example. Will we see any major shifts on the Carbon Tax or the MRRT? 

Whether or not Rudd returning the favour on Julia Gillard by stabbing her in the back will be enough to save Labor in the forthcoming election is highly doubtful.

The bookies certainly don't seem to think so with Labor priced at odds of $5.00 as compared to Abbott's Coalition quoted at $1.15.

It's all very well changing leaders on the basis that politics is "about personality", but is Australia really going to re-elect a party which can/t seem to get its own house in order?

It was only a matter of three months ago that after Rudd's most recent failure to challenge for the leadership that he said he "was a man of his word" and he would "never" partake in a leadership spill.

Sure, we have short memories but not that short.

Rudd's election campaign will doubtless be run along the lines of portraying Labor as the "proven" or known quantity which has steered Australia away from recession through a challenging period. Abbott will be portrayed as the "risky unknown quantity" (not without some reason, it must be said).

In Rudd's own words, talking of Labor's tiresome leadership squabbles and internal wranglings: "All this now has to stop".

Well, yep, I guess it will - in two or three months when the whole debacle will finally be ended by an election and a leadership contest which we're actually allowed to vote in.


Too easy a win for Queensland in Origin II at Suncorp stadium - sends the Aussie dollar back up to 92.9 cents...


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