SQM's Louis Christopher on the Aussie housing market

Interesting video on Switzer TV here featuring Louis Christopher of SQM, who tends to talk a lot of sense.

He notes that the Sydney market is very strong with stock levels plummeting (by more than 23% y/y), and this is being reflecting in housing data, with the Sydney market easily breaking new highs and rising. 

Price growth in Sydney has shown no real signs of slowing to date.

Perth has been on a great run thanks to the mining boom, but the housing market could begin to slow as the mining construction boom passes its peak, notes Christopher.

Christopher also believes that the Adelaide is likely to remain soft due to plenty of supply. 

Plenty have been tipping Adelaide as a hot market for many years now but price growth has been weak and dwelling values remain around 4-5% below their previous peaks. 

Quality investments in Melbourne would have represented an infinitely better selection since 2008 with prices booming dramatically. And, for that matter so would Sydney.

Unsurprisingly, the Melbourne market has calmed down since its meteoric rise, though inner- and middle-ring  suburbs seem to have remained robust enough.

Dwelling Prices graph

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