Sydney auction clearance rate ~70%...ish

Fewer auctions this weekend as it is the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

APM reported here that there were 253 auctions to be held this weekend with the highest listings on the north shore and in the inner west.

And APM later reported here that the clearance rate was 70%.

However, the reported results only covered 171 properties. These inconsistencies cause scepticism around the robust nature of results.

I noticed in passing that one of the reported results wasn't a scheduled auction for this weekend - it was a property scheduled for auction next weekend which sold prior to auction.

Overall, the results looked a little patchy - solid but not spectacular, with perhaps only a moderate lift in prices on a year ago.

Maybe Sydney is in for a quieter winter selling season, although in truth this wasn't the best weekend from which to judge with far fewer properties scheduled for auction.

Similar story in Melbourne where the reported clearance rate from APM was weaker than the trend at 60%.

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